Mr. Hisham Nashabe



Hisham Nashabe, present and since 2011, is the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Makassed University, he is its president since 2008, and the Chairperson of the Administrative Board of Higher Education at the Makassed Association from 1998 till 2010. He served as representative of Lebanon on the Executive Board of the Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) as its chairperson from (2002-2006). Dr. Nashabe was the General Secretary of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO (1989-1998). He was appointed professor of Muslim thought at the American University of Beirut (AUB) (1974-1997) and at the St. Joseph Univesity Institute of  Islamo – Christian Studies (1978 -1994). He served on the Internal Review Board (IRB) at AUB from its founding in 1995 till 2005.

Dr. Nashabe was a visiting scholar at Mercer University –Macon, GA, USA March till April 2004, Davenport University – Grand Rapids, MI, USA, October – November 2004, Scranton University and Marywood University, Scranton, PENN, USA, September – October 2005 and visiting Professor  April- May 2006.

Dr. Hisham Nashabe received his B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from the American University of Beirut and an M.A. and PhD in Islamic Studies from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. His thesis about Muslim Educational Institutions and worked for his  degree at Harvard University, USA.

Dr. Nashabe published over 100 articles on educational subjects in academic journals in Arabic, English and French and his publications include:

  • Muslim Educational Institutions…

Beirut, Librairie du Liban, 1989 (in English).

  • Studia Palaestinae. Editor and co-author,

Beirut , 1988 (in English and Arabic).

  • Muslim Educational Tradition,

Beirut, 1988 (in Arabic).

  • Questions de bioéthique au Regard de l’Islam et du Christianisme (in French), in collaboration with Rev.A. Dupré Latour, Dar al-Machreq, 2000.

He received the following medals and prizes:

  • Officer of the Order of the Cedars (Lebanon) 1968 
  • Commandor of the Academic Order (France) 1970 
  • Officer of the National Order of Merit (France) 1985                              
  • Makassed Gold Medal of Service (Lebanon)1979
  • Medal of Competence–Scouts of Lebanon, 1995 
  • Saniora Prize for Academic Research, American University of Beirut, July 1990.