Extra-Curricular & Clubs

As an integral part of students’ school life, Ahliah aims at providing opportunities for students to discover and nurture their interest, hobbies, and talents by providing programs and activities in a variety of areas.

Within the weekly schedules, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Drama courses are mandatory for all students.

Students can voluntarily choose to join one or two of the afternoon clubs and classes which include; the Ahliah Music Program, Chess, Ballet, Gymnastics, Zumba, Bildits, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Football, Basketball, Handball, and Volleyball, which may vary from year to year.  

Extra Curricular and Clubs Schedule

extra curricular timetable

Please note:

The above schedule is tentative and might be changed depending on number of registrations.

Taekwondo and Kick Boxing: each group requires 2 sessions a week, each session is an hour long.

Bildits is a construction club where students get a chance to build their own house, learning engineering concepts from trained instructors. For more information: Buildits at Schools , What is Buildits.


Ballet, Football, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Bildits, Zumba, Sports Games,Chess

$100/Per 15 Sessions


$200/Per 30 Sessions

Music Awakening

$182/Per 14 Sessions


$280/Per 14 Sessions
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