Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

Ahliah School develops young minds to their best abilities, while nurturing self-confidence, respect, compassion, creativity, a joy for learning and working collaboratively within a diverse environment. Ahliah graduates are primed to take responsibility for their future and to be active citizens engaged in local, regional, and global issues.


Ahliah aims at developing students:

Cognitively through

  • Employing qualified teachers who are knowledgeable and able to employ appropriate learning tools and follow suitable methods that render the learning process accessible to students. 
  • A curriculum that is designed to foster continuous acquisition of knowledge and critical thinking and prepares the students to enter Lebanese, regional and international universities.
  • Providing a continuous professional development program
  • Academic support programs constructed to cater to individuals and small groups within the broader curriculum.

Socially through

  • The creation of curricular and extra-curricular activities and programs that allow students to be active participants in society and who serve as role models in exhibiting self-assurance, tolerance and self-respect.
  • Ensuring parental and community involvement to safeguard society from the adverse effects of a rapidly changing value system.
  • A comprehensive guidance and counseling program that caters to the different student's social, emotional, and future concerns

Physically through

  • A comprehensive physical education program and involvement in athletic activities and tournaments to promote the physical well-being of students.
  • Encouraging good hygiene and health practices.

Aesthetically through

  • A well developed preK-12 fine arts curriculum which allows students to participate annually in Art exhibitions and performances both nationally and internationally.