Afternoon Clubs
  Ahliah Music Program 2018 - 2019

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  Afternoon Clubs 2018-2019

This Academic Year, 2018-2019, we have various activities available for our students to join. 

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Ahliah Music Program 


Please note:

Clubs will open depending on the number of registrations received. 

Once a Club has opened, a student is only considered registered if the full payment has been received.


  Afternoon Clubs 2017-2018

As an integral part of students’ school life, Ahliah aims at providing opportunities for students to discover and nurture their interest, hobbies, and talents by providing programs and activities in a variety of areas.

Within the weekly schedules, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Drama courses are mandatory for all students.

Students can voluntarily choose to join one or two of the afternoon clubs and classes which include; Drama Club, Art Club, Music club, Film Making Club, Dancing Classes, Technology and Robotics Club, Photography Classes, Debate Club, etc., and which may vary from year to year. 


This Academic year, 2017/2018, our students are joining the following clubs: 


Art Club

The Art Club differs from the mandatory Art classes at school; the club focuses on various drawing, sketching and painting techniques and materials, from Pencil drawing to Charcoal, from painting with pastels, to gouache, acrylics and oils. We make sure that our students are learning new things in the after school club in addition to their school curriculum and that’s why our talented Art teacher is running the club. 


Film Club

Combining Drama, art and music, the film club offers our students a chance to develop their knowledge about the film industry, explore the rich history from East to West, have a deeper understanding of the media presence and how visual media is created and manipulated.

Facilitating the club is a young professional film director and tutor, whose university project succeeded worldwide in prestigious film festivals.

I believe that Cinema is an Art in which you can project so many situations, beliefs, actions, and practically a whole life. You can do so much in Film it’s hard to count and it is a magical world for any kid, teenager or adult to discover”.

Students will have a chance to meet guest speakers who will share their experience and advice about the industry. 


Basketball Club

Our basketball club is open for Grades 3 to 8 for students who would like to develop their skills at basketball under the guidance of a professional coach. Students will be starting with the basics and advance gradually in the game. Teamwork, discipline and respect are all areas that will be mastered to be used not only in sports but in day-to-day life. 


Preschool Clubs

Our preschoolers have been very excited to join the after school clubs, Gymnastics and Zumba where both will deliver skill development specific to each sport.

In the fun dynamic sport of Gymnastics, our students will begin with stretching techniques to develop strength and flexibility, followed by learning the different ways of doing a front and back flip the proper and safe technique, cartwheels, bridges, handstands etc., and of course, learn exemplary listening skills!

Each skill is a building block towards a more advanced skill. Students should not try advanced skills on their own until their coach lets them know they are ready.