Career & University Guidance
  Career and University Guidance


A major part of Ahliah’s mission is “ to graduate students able to take responsibility for their lives, to be knowledgeable of current happenings in the world around and become involved from an early age in the course of bettering life and the society in which they live.” Along this path is students’ higher education. Ahliah prepares students to continue their studies in universities in Lebanon and abroad.  

Applying to universities involves major decisions that students need to make during the process which includes choice of major/career, choice of university, choice of studying in Lebanon or abroad. Given that it could be complicated at times, time consuming and demanding, Ahliah School provides its students with assistance, support, orientation and guidance to research universities, make the right decisions, visit universities, provide on campus orientation and help students filling and processing applications. University application is an important experience for students to discover their interests, aptitudes, strengths and most importantly what they want to do with their lives. 


The services offered include:

- Introduce and provide students with information about the SAT; purpose, procedure, how to prepare, how to and when to apply, deadlines.

- Provide Career Orientation opportunities for students and an ongoing Shadowing Program starting in Grade 10

- Provide one to one assistance and help in all matters related to choice of career

- Provide University Orientation which includes: on campus visits by major local universities - visits to major local universities - visits to exhibitions and fairs.

- Provide one to one assistance and help in all matters related to choice of university

- Help student in filling and processing university applications

- Provide recommendations and Transcripts

- Keep Students informed of deadlines and events related to University or Career Orientation and Guidance

The Ahliah School Career and University Portal which contains information and application forms for major universities, search engines for universities abroad, application portal for Shadowing Program in addition to other important information and announcements; follow the link below:




For information, meetings and seeking assistance or queries please contact:                                                               

For University Guidance and Orientation: Mr. Rabih Murr, Email: 

For Career Guidance and Orientation: Ms. Layal Azizi, Email: