Curriculum & Programs
  Curriculum and Programs

Ahliah’s Lower School curriculum is aligned with the Lebanese national educational standards, international Standards and Ahliah’s school guiding statements. The curriculum includes language arts; English, Arabic and French, mathematics, social studies, science, visual art, music, drama, handy-crafts technology, Information technology and physical education. The language of instruction is English in Math, Sciences, and Social Studies. Classical Arabic is used in Arabic classes. The scope and sequence of all subjects ensure vertical alignment along different grade levels within the same subject. Horizontal alignment within the subject matter ensures the alignment between content, skills, teaching strategies, and assessment. In addition, horizontal alignment across different disciplines ensures the meaningful learning experiences. Also, the curriculum ensures the integration of technology within the different subject matters based on the International Society for Technology in Education standards.

Ongoing assessment through a variety of evaluation tools including quizzes, tests, rubrics, observation, presentations and others, are used to formatively evaluate students’ learning which allow teachers reflecting on their planning and teaching strategies.

The Lower School curriculum provides opportunities for active learning, critical thinking, and problem solving while ensuring the appreciation of music and fine arts.  Teaching methodologies involve projects, problem solving, guided inquiry, discussions, open-ended questions, role playing, simulations, presentations, and other active learning activities. Teaching practices also include differentiated instruction, cooperative learning, and use of technology tools to address the different learning styles of students.

Ahliah’s Lower School curriculum caters for the individual needs of students by offering the academic support program, through the academic support division, in English, Arabic, Math, and sciences for students with learning difficulties. Also, Arabic as second language program (ASL) is offered for students exempted from the Lebanese program which is tailored according to the needs and skills level in Arabic of the individual student. A character education program is well- integrated within all subject areas which ensures the appropriate social and emotional development as well as all the healthy safety practices.

  Course Description and Syllabus
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