Curriculum & Programs
  Curriculum and Programs

The Middle School division includes the 3rd cycle which consists of three academic years from grade 7 till 9. This division includes two programs;

  1. The Lebanese program which prepares students to sit for the Lebanese Brevet exams
  2. The College Freshman Year Preparatory program which is legible for students who officially receive exemption from Lebanese program and prepares them to follow the College/Freshman Year Preparatory program. 

The curriculum in Middle School is devised based on the international Mcrel standards and National standards and aligned with the school’s mission statement and objectives. Learning objectives aim at building a variety of skills and promote higher order thinking, using a variety of approaches and strategies that cater for the varied needs and learning styles of students. Teaching practices encourage collaborative work, project based learning, researching, performance tasks and problem solving, role play and creating opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning through creative and varied methods. In the process of coping with 21st century skills, the curriculum planning integrates The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards.

The curriculum requires the teaching of Arabic, English, French, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, visual Art, Drama, and Information Technology (IT) (Integrated).

Students of both programs attend the same classes except in Arabic and Social Studies; Students who follow the Lebanese Program take Arabic as a First Language and the language of instruction in social studies classes is Arabic, while students who follow the College Freshman-Year Preparatory Program take Arabic as a Second Language and the Language of instruction in social studies classes is English.

Variety of formative and summative assessment is used to monitor students’ learning and evaluate their achievement of learning objectives. Assessment may include tests, quizzes, research papers, projects, presentations, performance tasks, self and peer assessment.

The Middle School curriculum through the Academic Support Department provides the academic support program that caters for the needs of students with learning difficulties.

A character education program is well- integrated which ensures the appropriate social and emotional development of adolescents as well as all the healthy safety practices.