Ahliah School | Sports Teams 2018 Results
Wed, 25 Apr 2018

Ahliah School is proud to be announcing the results of the Sports Tournaments and Competitions that have taken place this year. 

Ahliah School Teams include Handball, Volleyball and Football. 


This year, Ahliah School won: 

·     1stPlace Cup at the “Beirut Championship” in Handball (age group 2002-2003)

·     2ndPlace Cup at the “Beirut Championship” in Handball (age group 2000-2001)

·     Best Sportsmanship Team Cup at the “Lebanese School League” in Mini-Football (Boys under 16).


The “Best Sportsmanship Team” Award was presented to Ahliah School Team for their positive attitude, exceptional respect toward other teams, high sportsmanship and exceptional team work. We are extremely proud of all our players and would like to thank our PE instructors for leading by example and educating students to become, not only skilled in sports, but equipped with a high sense of professionalism and ethics.