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Tue, 27 Mar 2018
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Ahliah School at World Maths Day March 7th, 2018


Celebrating World Maths Day on March 7, Ahliah School participated with students of grades 2, 4, 5, 8B and 10LP in a live competition with millions of students from around the world. Ahliah’s total participants were 44 students of which 17 received bronze certificates. Mohamad Natout of grade 2 received the highest score for Ahliah with a total of 22,762 points in both the live competition and online activity. Mohamad ranked 17th worldwide and 1st Middle East region with a score of 7,160 and later moved up to rank 1 worldwide and middle east on March 9th, 2018. Another student did well too, Nour Hijazi of grade 10LP ranked 13 Middle East.

Mathletics is a captivating online learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. Ahliah School’s participation is the first for the current academic year and we are looking forward to future competitions and more success.


Ahliah School Participants – All received an award of participation

Note: Students are listed by their most recent ranking

Grade 2:

1.     Mohamad Natout

2.     Daniel Chaaban

3.     Ribal Chaaban


Grade 4:

1.     Carma Saleh


Grade 5:

1.     Sara Al Amin

2.     Omar Moussa

3.     Celine Al Korn

4.     Jad Najem

5.     Yara Chehab

6.     Ahmed Nehme

7.     Celine Al Assi

8.     Youmna Al Zein

9.     Bashar Razzouk

10.  Haya Al Haffar

11.  Mohamad Karnib

12.  Thouraya Al Hanoun

13.  Mona Kassas


Grade 8B:

1.     Zoulfikar Kobeissi

2.     Karim Ghalayini

3.     Omar Chehab

4.     Lea Alameh

5.     Zeinab Nehme

6.     Aref Al Koush

7.     Ali Daouk

8.     Mayssam Hamadeh

9.     Aya Rahhal

10.  Laila Taher

11.  Rami Khancarly

12.  Jad Zayour

13.  Karim Bou Hamdan

14.  Lara Masri


Grade 10LP:

1.     Nour Hijazi

2.     Leen Doughan

3.     Dina Ghandourah

4.     Tania Alameh

5.     Amani Abyad

6.     Lara Khaled

7.     Salim Labban

8.     Yasmine Rammal

9.     Sarah Tello

10.  Malakeh Safsouf

11.  Omar Berjawi

12.  Haitham Safadi

13.  Malak Taweel



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