Ahliah School hosts its 2018 Science Fair
Mon, 05 Mar 2018
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On February 28 2018, Ahliah assembly, Ilham Zurayk physics laboratory, and Yussef Hitti Science laboratory turned into a science exhibition. Groups of students presented sixty projects from grades 5 till 10. Twelve judges consisting of teachers, coordinators, Heads of Divisions, the Director of Academic Affairs, and the Principal were moving around listening to the students’ presentations, asking questions about their work, the significance of their ideas, the limitations of their work and research, and future prospects.

Ahliah School believes that nurturing responsible citizens needs sufficient science literacy to make educated decisions about health, environment, inventions that improve life, and about other every-day problems. We also believe that learning about science is at the heart of a science fair project. This motivates Ahliah Science department to work hard to provide this opportunity of the science fair annually for the students.  Students choose topics of their interests and formulate researchable questions. They plan their work collaboratively; research their questions; gather background information after checking the reliability of their resources; formulate their hypothesis; design their experiments, models or inventions; and implement their design to collect data, analyze it, and make conclusions. In addition, they learn more about communication and presentation skills in order to clearly convey their work to the attendees and judges.

I would like to thank all Ahliah faculty and staff for their dedication and commitment to our students’ learning. I congratulate all students that participated for their hard work and effort. Congratulations to the winners:


Lower School

Models Category:

1st place: Sari Halawani - Imad Majed - Mustafa Ramadan: Grade 6 - Project: R2D2

2nd place: Haya Al-Haffar – Celine Korn – Thouraya Hanoun: Grade 5 – Project: Green City

3rd place: Julia Moussa – Yumna Zein: Grade 5 – Project: Recycled Bottles


Research Category:

1st place: Aya Sinno: Grade 6 – Project: 5-Second Rule

2nd place: Angela Hneini: Grade 6 – Project: Extracting DNA

3rd place: Yara ShehabSara Al-Amin: Grade 5 – Project: Hottest Place in the Microwave


Middle/Upper School

Models Category:

1st place: Hadi Hajj: Grade 9 – Project: Smartphone Pen

2nd place: Ali Daouk: Grade 8 – Project: Tablewhirl Pool

3rd place: Aya AlAkhras - Mohammed Yousef - Andrew Starkey: Grade 10 CFYP – Project: Hologram


Research Category:

1st place: Jida Awa-Leen Morsel-Nour Hariri: Grade 7 – Project: Which burns faster white or colored candles?

2nd place: Mariam Al Dash-Joelle Majed-Lara Hanoun: Grade 7 – Project: Effect of microwave radiation on seeds.

3rd place: Leah Alameh - Zeinab Nehmeh: Grade 8 – Project: Lung Capacity